“Prepared with grooves to make you move in a feel-good atmosphere, analog or digital!”

DJ Parallax was born and raised in New Jersey, and trained in New Jersey, New York City, and Atlanta, Georgia, influenced to perform as a DJ based on a combination of his parents’ diverse record collection (soul, R&B, funk, rock), dance music (house, techno), hip-hop, reggae, and his musical training in theory, composition, classical and jazz. This all lead to a consistent, mixed spectrum of musical influence. Now residing in the metropolitan suburbs of Washington, DC, DJ Parallax has long since established a reputation for his unique turntable abilities.

Parallax continues to infuse an eclectic combination of music to bring a unique and intense energy to his audiences. He is not afraid to play a variety of music from different genres, often using the turntables and his hands as his instruments. He continues to perform for audiences in nightclubs, mobile, and select private lifestyle events.

DJ Parallax tours nationally and makes regular appearances on radio and television.